Its Catch-up Season

If you are a current college student or previously attended college, you may be familiar with the Infamous month of April. It is that weird in-between stage where midterms just finished and there are less than 5 weeks left in the semester. The bright side is that spring break is finally here, so you know what that means… its Catch-up Season is here!!!!!


I have been neglecting CT101 not on purpose, but because I have been very preoccupied in my other classes that focus primarily on my major. During this spring break in order to catch-up, I plan on creating a minimum of one blog post per day. In these blog posts I will do assignments from the DS106 Assignment Bank as well as try and recreate images I find interesting, especially if I can use Photoshop as the application.

The catching up part about April is always stressful… for me at least. Part of me wants to buckle down and complete my assignments or study and the other part wants to go outside and hang with my friends. I end up trying to “balance”  the two but that never seems to work out quite right. This break I am going to try to actually allocate majority of my time to getting work done earlier in the break rather than waiting until the end of it. The key word here is try lol. Stay tuned for my next post, it’ll showcase one of  the several Photoshop activities I did while preparing to make my website.




My First Website Is Finally Up

For the past few weeks I have been working on side projects to post on my website, paying little attention to actually customizing the website.

The process of creating a website is fairly simple, the only problem I ran into which I believe everyone struggles with, was thinking of a domain name to use. The fact that you are unable to alter your domain name intimidated me. For a week I was thinking to myself that I should come up with this funny domain name, but that was a fail, so I just named the website after myself. Originally I wanted this website to focus on my photography, but I have decided to make it into a general blog. I will post random things that pop into my head and want to discuss, as well as create posts showing my journey as I try to learn how to use Photoshop and other Adobe applications (other than Lightroom since thats the one I am most familiar with.) I am still working on the aesthetics of the page so don’t pay too much attention to it. Hopefully by next week I will have all of the little kinks worked out to my liking. In the mean time, stay tuned for my next post.