Its Been Real CT 101 *dueces*

My ohhhh my how the semester has flew by. Just yesterday it felt like I was struggling to creating my first gif. No look at me! I have a fully operated personal blog and all. I couldn’t have asked for a better class this semester. It was fun learning new things in this class as well as interacting with classmates. One of my favorite things about this class is how Prof. Seslow made us utilize various desktop applications to create our work. An example of this is how the class was able to use giphy, imgur or photoshop to create a gif.  It goes to show that in the age of technology, there is always numerous ways to get things done, but it takes time to master all of them.

My favorite assignment I did in class was creating net art.

What I like most about it was that I was able to utilize one of my own photos as the subject and just get the glitch art off of the internet. I am definitely interested in making more of these in the near future. This assignment was also frustrating for me at the same time because I was not able to figure out how to use new hive or in order to join my photo and the glitch art together. Instead, I ended up using Photoshop which took me some time but it still got the job done.

All in all, I can not complain about the experiences I had in CT 101. I learned a lot from this class and plan to hone the skills I have learned too. As for the future of my website, its still debatable at this point. Though it is a great platform, my problem will be finding time out of my schedule to post on my blog. I will try and see how things go. Well it has been real CT 101.

P.S. You should definitely follow my photography journey on Instagram, and hmu if you are interested in collaborating after the semester is over. Good luck on finals.

My Attempt At Net-Art

Soooooo I do not where I should begin with my attempt at creating net art. What I would like to first say is that it definitely was a fun experience and Prof. Seslow and Prof. Smith who work in the Communications Technology Department in my College both did a great job with creating tutorials of net art for students to follow (the tutorials each of them made can be found if you click their names.) With finding an image and glitch art to use, the tutorials mentioned that I will have to utilize either   or newhive  as a platform to join the image and glitch art together. I followed the tutorial to a T and when it came time to joining the two images together using or newhive, that was when the mess began. I have no clue what happened but all I know is that I could not drop my image into the workspace. So I spent a couple hours brainstorming what I could do then it came to me that I could just use Photoshop instead. So I dragged both the image and the glitch art into Photoshop, adjusted the time frames accordingly. Because of that I was able to create this,

I am not 100% satisfied with it but I am content and plan to do more in the future as well.



Finals weeks is approaching kind of quickly now that I think about it. Just yesterday felt like the beginning of the semester and now there are only a few days left of class. Part of me is excited because I only have one more semester left until I graduate and the other part is somewhat anxious because finals are approaching and that means I have to study, which isn’t my favorite thing to do. Currently, I am trying to set-up some kind of schedule that will allow me to balance studying and working so I could make the best use of my time. As I am writing everything down I am staring at the paper like…

Though I might be backed up with work and everything I always seem to find a way to get things done and remain more than afloat in regards to my grades. By far I think that this semester was not my favorite at all. It feels like high school all over again. As I am at the tail-end of my degree I really don’t feel like doing anything at all. I am tired of early days and long nights. I just want to stay in my bed and sleep the day away. Once this semester and finals are over, I plan on going ghost.

I am going to finally have free time to go out and explore NYC and take photos. This semester has been very busy for me and I barely found time to take photos, so I am going to be excited when I get the chance to hold my camera again. Hopefully, nothing interferes. Wish me luck!!