My Attempt At Net-Art

Soooooo I do not where I should begin with my attempt at creating net art. What I would like to first say is that it definitely was a fun experience and Prof. Seslow and Prof. Smith who work in the Communications Technology Department in my College both did a great job with creating tutorials of net art for students to follow (the tutorials each of them made can be found if you click their names.) With finding an image and glitch art to use, the tutorials mentioned that I will have to utilize either   or newhive  as a platform to join the image and glitch art together. I followed the tutorial to a T and when it came time to joining the two images together using or newhive, that was when the mess began. I have no clue what happened but all I know is that I could not drop my image into the workspace. So I spent a couple hours brainstorming what I could do then it came to me that I could just use Photoshop instead. So I dragged both the image and the glitch art into Photoshop, adjusted the time frames accordingly. Because of that I was able to create this,

I am not 100% satisfied with it but I am content and plan to do more in the future as well.