Le Bushwick Collective

Bushwick Collective is a great place to visit if you’re a tourist or if you just like to see various forms of art. The area is FULL of artwork, especially murals, graffiti, and stickers (lots and lots of stickers.) I honestly probably visit the area atleast once a month. This month I have been there three times already, and I was able to get some nice photos, such as this one,

As I was walking through the area I passed a street pole and saw this little drawing which I thought was unique. Bare in mind that there are large pieces of art work displayed on building walls but if you look at the street poles, fire hydrants, and etc you’ll find little drawings, inspirational quotes, and other things that’ll make you think to yourself. Unfortunately I don’t know of a map detailing where exactly the all of the pieces of art are located. So you’ll have to walk around looking for them, and as soon as you’re ready to leave to go home…you’ll find another area within the vicinity that you didn’t explore yet. My best advice would be to create your own map so you don’t visit the same area twice during the same day. Personally I don’t do that, I like to walk the same path each time and just add on to it every visit. I hope you go visit soon to see. When you do take lots of pictures!!

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