Pleasure Reading…

For the New Year I had set a goal for myself to read and complete atleast one book every month. I did so because I am not much of a fan of sitting down and doing pleasure reading. Normally you would only catch me reading if I had an assignment on the book. I thought that this goal wasn’t so bad but boy was I wrong. I am theee months behind with reading. I got caught up with both school and work that I forgot to allocate time to pleasure reading. The first book I read, which everybody probably read when they were in highschool, was The Giver. The read wasn’t bad at all considering I saw the movie a couple years ago. Comparing the two, only minor changes we’re made. I chose The Giver because I wanted to ease myself into reading. I’m not one for picking up those 700 page Harry Potter books and reading nonstop, I like to start off slow. Being that I felt comfortable I decided to take it up a notch and try to finish a 600 page book in a month, which seemed feasible at first. However, when you add in school, work, and social life into the equation you realize that it is much more difficult than you anticipated. Currently owe the book back in about two weeks land I am only on page 230 or so. Wish me luck!!! Also if you know of any good books comment then below. Thanks in advance.

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