Tourist In My Own City

Do you ever visit a city you’re not familiar with and casually walk around and look at the attractions or just stroll through the area admiring the Mom & Pop stores, the art, and everything else? Yeah, well I do that too. The only difference is, I am doing so in my own city. Born and raised in the Big Apple there should be no excuse as to why one doesn’t know the difference between taking a train uptown versus taking a train downtown, as well as being able to know what train to take when the other isn’t running anymore. But somehow this is still something I struggled with when I first started exploring the city and occasionally struggle with today. For me atleast, being born in Queens, I didn’t care as much to travel to places other than those located in Queens or Long Island…since both areas are basically accessible by car (Brooklyn is as well but I tend to stay in Queens or visit Long Island). It wasn’t until I bought my first DSLR a couple years ago that I finally decided to get out of my shell and start exploring other boroughs more, plus I was getting tired of being in Queens so I said, “Why not?”  I started going to Brooklyn more frequently, visiting spots like Dumbo Park, the Brooklyn Bridge ( which I probably walked across over 100 times by now), and the Bushwick Collective. Right now I’m trying to explore the MAnhattan more in order to familiarize myself with the area  and to learn some of the train routes so I can answer questions actual tourists ask when trying to get places by subway.

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